Fred Sargeant Protests Pride: “Gay…NOT Queer”

Gay freedom fighter Fred Sargeant openly protests local pride event in Burlington, Vermont

After a gay man was kicked out of a Pride event for wearing a LGB Alliance shirt, the queer community has made it clear that homosexuals are no longer welcome at Gay Pride - unless they also worship at the altar of gender.

Fred Sargeant, gay freedom fighter, Stonewall rebellion veteran and cofounder of the first Gay Pride Parade, had something to say about that.

“Gay Not Queer” read his protest sign on 9-5 at a local Pride Parade hosted in Burlington, Vermont.

And if that sign alone wasn’t enough to really bring home the message, his shirt made the most offensive (to gender ideologues) statement of all: “Woman: adult human female”

That’s the world we live in today. One where simply defining woman is enough to be considered bigoted by some, one where rejecting homophobic slurs is now considered assimilation, and one where gay men and lesbians aren’t welcome at their own pride events, if they’re unwilling to bow to gender ideology.

I desisted only 5 months ago now, and I still very much recall what it felt like to be “under the spell”. I remember it vividly: I was an extremist.

Gender ruled all. Biological sex didn’t exist. Sexuality was fluid for everyone, or else they were immoral. I even joined extreme leftism, and while I do still consider myself leftist, I can no longer support sentiments like “all cops are bastards”.

Back then, I did not know legitimate, real gay history as I do now: I am now armed with the knowledge Fred Sargeant was not only a gay freedom fighter, but a police Lieutenant, too. And despite everything I was conditioned to believe about institutions like police forces, hearing about why he became an officer changed my perspective entirely:

"I wanted to see if I could make a difference, and having seen the situation at Stonewall and how the NYPD handled that, I thought I could do it differently. Stonewall wasn't the only riot I saw. I'd been caught up in riots in the Village before and watched what the police did.

That’s what I get for not only obtaining my gay rights history from transgenderist culture, but almost my entire worldview, too. Only while under the influence of the sedative that is gender ideology could I actually believe every cop, including the man that quite literally fought for my rights, was a bastard.

Of course, I still support police and justice reform. Just as Fred did when he joined the force. We definitely need to be having conversations and taking action to address police brutality and oppressive justice systems that disproportionately target marginalized and minority communities.

Yet, somehow, carrying signs that condemn all police suddenly doesn’t seem like activism to me. It seems like an attack on the man that would give his life for any L, G, B or even T person in his mission to protect us, not only in his activism, but in his police work.

Uhhh…you sure about that? I’m confident I know at least one.

I can only imagine what it felt like for Fred Sargeant to attend a gay pride parade, something he helped establish so many years ago, only to find it taken over by queer culture and radical activists hell bent on chewing nuance up in their gaping maw and spitting it back in our faces, all the while calling it a “human rights movement”.

I don’t even want to imagine how the person holding that “no such thing as a gay friendly cop” sign would feel once they learned they marched past a cofounder of the first Gay Pride Parade, who also happened to be a police Lieutenant, and very much a gay friendly cop, with such a ridiculous sign.

I look forward to the day when homosexuality is no longer seen as bigoted, when gay people are allowed to refuse to be called slurs, and when gender ideology no longer runs Pride. That day may never come, unless we join heroes like Fred Sargeant in protesting Pride events. The time to fight for gay rights has come again. Rather, it never left.

It’s time we take the rainbow back! It’s time we take Pride back!

Congratulations to Fred Sargeant for becoming a new GREAT grandfather to a wonderful new great grandson!